Reducing Inflammation May Help Prevent Blood Vessel Disease In Diabetics

For years researchers have know that there has been a significant link between chronic inflammation and diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. Now recent studies show that reducing inflammation may actually help people with high glucose levels or diabetes to avoid the heart disease and blood vessel disease that almost goes hand in hand with diabetes.Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Is Not EnoughFor years scientists have not been able to understand why in patients whose diabetes were caught early and who managed to control their blood sugar levels exceptionally well still seemed to develop heart and blood vessel disease at much the same rate as diabetics who struggled to control their glucose levels. Now recent studies reveal that while controlling those blood sugar levels is important and can help diabetics maintain overall better health, it may not be enough to prevent or even significantly slow the advancement of blood vessel disease. The reason is that inflammation, which has been linked to both diabetes and heart disease is also the reason that most diabetics develop heart and blood vessel disease as well as diabetes.This only makes sense when you stop to consider that when the body becomes inflamed white blood cells rush to fight the inflammation and heal the body. In cases where chronic inflammation is a problem the immune system becomes worn down and simply can’t protect the body effectively. So do the results of these latest studies give any hope to diabetics? The answer is yes.Fighting InflammationThe results of this study on the effects of inflammation on diabetics suggests that reducing inflammation in the body may slow or prevent blood vessel disease in diabetics as well as produce other benefits that are not yet known. Researchers are now looking at all the ways you can help to reduce inflammation and suggest some of the following.• Get proper Exercise. Diabetics have always been encouraged to exercise and this is more important than ever as exercise actually helps to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help to keep your blood vessels and heart healthy and strong.• Take off those Extra Pounds. Carrying extra weight can also contribute to inflammation of the body, so taking off that extra weight can help reduce inflammation plus has the added benefit of lessening stress on your heart and blood vessels.• Get Proper Dental Care. Although researchers have not yet urged diabetics to get proper dental care, the fact is that periodontal disease can cause inflammation that contributes to blood vessel disease, so diabetics should take extra care to make sure that they get regular check ups and have any gum or periodontal disease treated as early as possible.• Talk to Your Doctor about Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Diabetics should also talk to their doctor about the possible use of anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce that inflammation. Make sure you discuss with your medical professional the advantages and disadvantages of taking such medications and make an informed decision regarding whether or not these drugs are right for you.Reducing that inflammation gives diabetics the hope of living a longer, healthier life. So do everything you can to fight that inflammation that may be destroying your health.###

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