Your Diabetes Disease – Does Your Portion Control Make Sense?

I seem to be more aware or tuned in when it comes to the diabetes disease. I look for situations that are of concern for the diabetes community. What could be of help to someone that has the diabetes disease.Let me explain.Here is a quick story. I need to get this off my chest because the telling of this story will hopefully free me from the shackles of the constant images I get about what I saw at one of my lunches at Wendy’s in Secaucus, New Jersey. It took place in April of 2007.While in the midst of a great salad that I was eating I could not help but look at and see two rather large women making a lot of noise. As they walked to their tables, I noticed that they sat at two tables instead of one. This seemed odd. They were talking to each other like they knew each other. Anyway, as they started eating I saw that they each had these huge bags of food and a large glass of some fountain drink. They both kept reaching into their respective bags and pulled out French fry after French fry. Occasionally I saw them eating some kind of hamburger on a bun.What fascinated me so much was the amount of French fries these two women consumed. I still think about it to this dayNow I started to think about the Diabetes disease and me.How could these two women eat so much? What would prompt them to consume so much food? More importantly what could all these French fires and soda do to them? That is the key question as I gazed at them. Having the diabetes disease, my thought was that they were headed for the diabetes disease as well. With eating habits like this and being massively overweight they set themselves on this crash course towards this ailment.These two ladies reminded me of myself. Here’s why.Back in the day I used to do the same thing these women did No wonder I am a diabetic now. I used to go to fast food restaurants and fill up on the super duper meals. Looking ahead during the morning to what I would have at lunch would be part of my daily ritual at least two to three times per week. Sometimes I would actually eat sensibly during the week and go to restaurant for lunch and eat a decent meal. But that was more of the rarity than the rule.There you have my little vignette. Call it the diabetes disease portion control saga if you want. My issue has been about product portions. I like to eat when I am going to eat. Fortunately for me I am eating a lot more salads and foods that will help me with my diabetes disease. And eating normal sized meals as well.Eating sensibly sized meals is part of what I learned about what I need to do to handle my diabetes disease. Controlling your portions will help you beat the diabetes disease. For other answers, besides portion control, about helping you with the diabetes disease go grab a free e course.

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